martedì 1 aprile 2008

Virgle - a Mars colony - I definitely wanna Join the project!

Official Google Blog: Announcing Project Virgle

Just a question: Will we drink Virgin Cola up there, right? Can't wait, I'm already figuring myself sitting on a red rock, sipping calmly my Virgin can and staring at that little point in the sky where I used to live... the Earth
...and what's more, now with the offline support of Google Docs I'll also be able to write my diary about my mars experience without an Internet Connection! Larry, Sergey... How come that You always think at everything and at all of us?!
Can't thank U enough...

BTW: The funniest thing about all this stuff is the smile that Larry can't help having during the all video. I wonder how many times they had to repeat the record before they where able to complete it without blowing in laughter :D
They truly still are the spontaneous geeks willing to succeed and have fun at the same time.

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